New Minority Owned Tech Company Turns Traditional Local Farmers Markets into Digital Farmers Market

Digital Farming might seem unimaginable, but one entrepreneur saw its potential. Alayna T. Davenport, the first African American woman to launch such an enormous digital platform such as Hand and Hook, says “She is tired of not really knowing where her food comes from, she wants more control over her nutrition.”

In June of 2019, Davenport launched Hand and Hook, LLC an online farmers market; a global digital market for farms to sell their 100% grass-fed meat products to customers nationwide. Throughout the course of the next 12 months, Davenport says, Hand and Hook will also incorporate produce and organic products, and additionally looking to partner with the SNAP program; The Federal Funded Food Stamp Program for families and communities that experience food deserts. 

This ultramodern concept provides such a critical digital footprint for farmers to become accessible to consumers 24/7. No more relying on farmers market sales for local farmers to sell their foods and products. 

Hand and Hook provides a platform for farmers who are committed to the safety of, and health conscious farming. All of our farm/farmers are certified through the American Grass Fed Association.  Both the customers who subscribe and farmers are consciously aware of the need for communities that find accountability about what they are eating, a necessity.

Hand and Hook is not just a digital farmers market but a competitors market for farmers to sell and provide packages at affordable rates. When a customer subscribes to Hand and Hook for a nominal monthly subscription, we are able to offer access to farms that they can trust to package and ship quality products directly to their home, customized packages to fit any family size for under $100.

Hand and Hook realizes and understands the conspiracy behind lofty and dishonest label listing of organic vs. grass-fed meats supplied in the grocery store. Customers want real control and a choice over where their foods are coming from, not to be forced based on propaganda like labels that may appeal to the conscious food shopper.

Hand and Hook offers the ability for customers to shop exclusively based on cuts, pricing, and deals; our customers are guaranteed the satisfaction of healthy fed meats. For more information log onto, or email



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