New App May Help You Get Event Sponsorship

Businesses looking for sponsorship may want to give Spony a try. The new app is a tool that makes sponsorship search an easier processThe free, location-based mobile app that makes the process of sponsoring and finding a sponsor extremely simple and faster. Any user can post a request for a sponsorship and connect with potential sponsors in a matter of minutes and anyone can become a sponsor with just one tap on their phone.

Sponsorship is one of the most effective and fastest growing forms of marketing and advertising, however, they have their own practical challenges. As of yet, there’s no easy way for individuals or small organizations to quickly request sponsorship for their events. On the other hand, there’s also isn’t an easy way for small business owners to discover local events that are looking for sponsorships and are willing to promote products/services in exchange.

Understanding that some of the main problem’s businesses face lies in localized advertising and marketing, any solution that saves time and money while effectively helping business owners connect with prospective customers will always be in high demand, this is where Spony comes in.

Spony helps any individual or organization of any size to request and receive sponsorships in exchange for advertisements and promotion. This, in turn, allows small businesses to fund affordable, hyper-local marketing and advertising campaigns.

Today, the Spony mobile app has launched in several countries, including the USA, Canada, Australia and the UK. Spony’s mission is to make sponsorship super easy to everyone.
A simple Sponsorship platform open to everyone and every event.

All Events, Simple Sponsorships, Great Benefits – No minimum or maximum size for events or sponsorships. Events can be as small as a wedding, birthday, prom, charity events, etc. The request for sponsorship can be something as small and as simple as food, water bottles, travel accommodations/plane tickets, or just coffee

Spony is currently present in 16 countries. We aim to expand our presence to help more businesses reach their target audience.



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