NAB New York Showcases Broadcast Industry Tech at Javits Center [VIDEO]

October is full of fall celebrations in New York City, including the National Association of Broadcasters conference. The event showcased technology for creators of video content including news and television shows. The event was held on October 16-17 at the Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan.

Hundreds of attendees gathered to watch presentations, panels and try out the latest in broadcast technology. Among the speaker at the event was local newscaster and meteorologist Ginger Zee from ABC News.

Among companies presenting new technologies at the event was Wasabi, a cloud storage company that allows data storage from small to large quantities, an alternative to Amazon and other competing cloud storage companies.

“Our customers range from media and entertainment to enterprise, education,” Whit Jackson, Wasabi vice president of media and entertainment told New York City Wired. “It’s super accessible, you can sign up for a free trial and get an account with a minimum of one terabyte.

Other highlights from NAB include CBS Interactive President and COO Marc DeBevoise, who led a panel on the changing landscape of content and engagement for network and cable TV. Watch our video of the panel and follow us on Twitter and Instagram @NYCWired

Monica Link

Monica Link

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