Javits Center Converted to FEMA Hospital

The Jacob Javits Center known for events including the technology and automotive sectors, has opened its doors to state and local government to Transform its 760,000 square foot facility into a temporary hospital run by the Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA).

New York State Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced the emergency plan at a weekend press briefing.

New York has the most discovered coronavirus cases with over 15,000 diagnosed statewide. Over 10,000 sick in New York City and about 99 deaths within the five boroughs. In addition to transforming Javits Center, other sites will be used statewide to extend hospital capacity to handle the sick.

Gov. Cuomo also told area hospitals to cancel all elective surgeries through April and be ready to increase capacity by 50 percent. These requests were made by executive order from the Governor’s office.

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