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Google Unveils New Cloud Infrastructure

Google introduced a new portfolio of Distributed Cloud solutions. Two initial products previewed from the portfolio are the Distributed Cloud Edge product and Google Distributed Cloud Hosted. 

Both products are fully managed and equipped with hardware and software solutions for customers.

The Distributed Cloud Edge product is targeted at supporting telecommunications companies, as it enables operators to run 5G core and LTE services. To provide necessary hardware for enterprises’ private 5G networks, Google previously announced its partnerships with Ericsson and Nokia. 

The latter of the two previewed products, Google Distributed Cloud Hosted, is designed to meet the needs of commercial customers with specific data residency and security requirements. 

The concept of the distributed cloud allows companies to run the provider’s infrastructure in the facility of the customer’s choice. Google’s Distributed Cloud will be able to run across any of Google’s over 140 network edge locations, at the edge of the operator or in customer data centers, depending on the needs of the customer.

Google Cloud’s vice president and general manager of Open Infrastructure, Sachin Gupta, explained the idea of Google’s Distributed Cloud in a recent media briefing, saying it allows “customers to focus on applications and business initiatives rather than the management of their underlying infrastructure. In other words, they just leave the complexity to us.”

Google Distributed Cloud Edge is currently available in preview, though Google Distributed Cloud Hosted is expected to be available for preview in 2022. 

Marin Howell

Marin Howell

Marin Howell is a current senior at Fordham University. She is majoring in journalism, with the hopes of working as a reporter after graduation. In her free time, Marin enjoys reading and exploring new parts of New York City.