Facebook Launches Coronavirus Information Center

In an effort to keep people informed about COVID-19 disease (coronavirus) Facebook launched a special information center on its social media platform. Facebook users can find the special section on the coronavirus by accessing the news feed.

As a part of the special news and information updates, Facebook owned WhatsApp users can get alerts from the World Health Organization.

In addition to providing more information for its users, Facebook is allowing its non essential workers to work from home.

“The top priority and focus for us has been making sure that people can get access to good, authoritative information from trusted health sources. So in order to do that, we’ve had a program where we partnered with the WHO and CDC and local health and government organizations,” Mark Zuckerberg Facebook founder and CEO said during a company conference call.
“I mean, we basically put a promotion on the top of Instagram and very prominent throughout the Facebook feed linking to the CDC. We’ve given those organizations as many ad credits as they need to get their messages out and PSAs.
We’re – anytime that someone’s searching for information on coronavirus, we’re inserting a popup that links to authoritative information from those sources, and then one of the things that we’re going to talk about today that we’re launching is also going to focus on pushing out more authoritative information more broadly across these networks, and I’ll come back to that in a minute.
At the same times we’re pushing out and focusing on authoritative information, we’re also very focused on making sure that misinformation doesn’t spread.”

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