Cybersecurity Startup Completes $5 Million Series A Round Led by Tribeca Venture Partners

Baltimore-based cybersecurity startup received $5 million in its Series A financing round, with New York City-based Tribeca Venture Partners leading the way. The company has amassed $7.5 million since it launched in 2017.

As a cybersecurity company that protects businesses from malicious and untrusted JavaScript, has seen a surge in threats and need for its technology dating back to the start of the pandemic. Matt Gillis, CEO of, said the increased use of Internet and technology exposes the numerous avenues bad actors can take. Gillis said has deep ties to New York City, “an epicenter of media and investment.”

“We think there is an incredible opportunity to grow in our existing markets. The acuity of the problems malicious and untrusted JavaScript bring remains largely unsolved,” said Gillis. 

The company fundraised virtually at the beginning of the pandemic.  

“My ‘all-Zoom’ Series A roadshow started in the last week of March. Getting a look into every VC’s living room was an interesting way to begin relationships. I saw more than my fair share of small NYC apartments,” Gillis said.

The company works by guarding against malicious JavaScript on a business’s website or mobile app. Such code can expose user data, increase the risk of a loss to customers and the business, and devalue user experiences. Data protection improves user experiences and maintains the value of a brand’s goodwill. 

Products created by have been available for about two years and use patented behavioral analysis technology to guard over 7 million sites. 

“We have achieved product-market fit with publishers and platforms of all sizes, from Comscore Top 10 publishers to the long tail,” said Gillis. “Our company had five founders when it started almost three years ago. Today, we are over 35 people.  We will continue to grow our team to enable a world where the execution of untrusted code isn’t dangerous for users across connected devices.”

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