Boston’s Historic Beacon Street to be Renamed “Blockchain Street”

Part prank, part revolution, blockchain enthusiasts are renaming Boston’s historic Beacon Street to “Blockchain Street.” The sign will kick off Boston Blockchain Week, a citywide celebration of the groundbreaking technology known as blockchain. To commemorate the renaming, blockchain leaders will be replacing the street sign at the corner of Beacon and Tremont Street with a new one reading BLOCKCHAIN STREET.

“I speak all over the world at blockchain events,” explained John Hargrave, publisher of Bitcoin Market Journal, a leading blockchain publication, “and Boston is the best place for blockchain. We have the combination of technology expertise, financial expertise, and the world’s largest network of high-tech colleges to fuel blockchain projects with fresh talent.”

To show Boston’s commitment to becoming the world hub for blockchain innovation, Boston Blockchain Week is a citywide series of events from April 23-27 that brings together founders, researchers, students and investors to educate the world on blockchain and cryptocurrency.

“Blockchain is the next big wave,” said Henry Moodie, CEO of BlockchainXperts, a blockchain training and placement firm. “Some are calling it Internet 3.0, or the Internet of Value. The opportunity for Boston to be a global leader in blockchain is enormous.”

“This is like the dot-com boom of the 1990s, but it’s moving even faster,” Hargrave added. “It’s the most exciting time to be alive.”



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