Bibox Launches BiboxLab for Blockchain Projects

Bibox co-founder Aries Wang announced at the 2018 Blockchain Without Borders Digital Expo in New York City that BiboxLab has been officially launched. BiboxLab will bring together the world’s top token funds to consolidate high-quality resources to fully support startup entrepreneurs in terms of funding, technical guidance, mentoring services, branding and media, legal counseling and office spaces.

BiboxLab will follow Bibox’s well-known tradition in rigorously screening quality start-up projects in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry to select projects with the best potential for investment and incubation.

BiboxLab has eyes set on the global stage. Starting from New York, it will invest in high-quality blockchain projects in North America and act as the one-stop solution for these projects. Aries Wang shared that the motivation behind establishing BiboxLab is to support and promote the applicability of blockchain technology across industries. BiboxLab will gradually look to Southeast Asia, Europe and other regions for quality projects as well.



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