AT&T Teams Up With Skycure For Mobile Cybersecurity Business

As mobile use grows, so do cyber threats. Skycure, the leader in mobile threat defense, today announced that wireless leader AT&T will resell the Skycure Mobile Threat Defense Platform. Skycure will be added to the company’s mobile offering to help protect personal and business data on the millions of devices of AT&T business customers. Most enterprise devices are managed by IT but lack the granular security required to detect and help prevent attacks at the app, network, and device level.

Skycure helps to close that gap to better protect users and their employers with a layer of mobile threat defense that maintains the mobile user experience and user privacy, all without extra burden to IT. With the help of Skycure, AT&T now offers additional mobility and security for businesses that need to better protect employee and customer data, as well as infrastructure and operations.

According to a recent report from a 2016 survey of IT Security professionals on Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), one in five organizations has suffered a mobile security breach, primarily driven by malware and malicious WiFi. The same study reported:

  • 24 percent of organizations confirmed their mobile devices have connected to malicious WiFi networks
  • Even worse, 48 percent were unsure if there have been mobile security incidents

With at least one device in every large organization likely infected with malware, and one-third of executives experiencing network attacks, most enterprises are looking for a strong defense system against mobile threats.

To help mitigate these risks, organizations have traditionally deployed Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions such as MobileIron and AirWatch. The Skycure Mobile Threat Defense Platform takes risk mitigation to another level with proactive detection and prevention of attacks, threats, intrusions, and malware.

“Our customers are looking for solutions to detect active threats on mobile devices whether it’s malware, network threats, or application vulnerability exploits. With the help of our Foundry, we found Skycure, a proven innovator in this space,” Jason Porter, Vice President, Security Solutions, AT&T said in a statement. “We are excited to team with them to offer customers the tools to effectively manage and better secure their mobile devices.”

Skycure Mobile Threat Defense is a cloud-based solution that provides proactive protection and predictive intelligence to help organizations and their mobile users stay ahead of cyberattacks. Skycure’s multi-layered threat identification and mitigation approach includes device, server, and crowd sourcing analysis that allows Skycure to identify known and unknown threats all without infringing on end user experience and privacy. This is significant as the BYOD report also cited 29 percent of organizations highlighted employee privacy as a challenge of implementing Mobile Application Management (MAM) with BYOD users.

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