Amazon Outage Rocks The Internet

A major outage in Amazon’s servers disrupted many businesses in New York City. H

Amazon, for more than five hours, had their website down which caused various for their partnerships with many companies. The incident affected many businesses in the eastern U.S, mainly affected New York. It impacted the buying service, airplane tickets, payment apps, and video streaming services.

Amazon hasn’t directly spoken about the outage or has given a statement. The only information that was given to the public was said in a post on the AWS status page that it had mitigated the problem responsible for the outage. Many delivery workers for Amazon were also frustrated, due to fact that the apps that keep track of packages, tell them where to go, and generally keep your items on time went down as well.

Many people are comparing this outage to Facebook (Meta) when WhatsApp and Instagram were down for hours, not being able to keep their servers stable. The importance of these internet services to be on 24/7 has been an issue for some companies.  

Many people were vocal about the outage since many home appliances include Amazon’s smart system that includes Echo, security systems, and more. Amazon has yet to say when this problem will resolve in a matter of time.

Gino Alva

Gino Alva is currently a Senior at Mercy College. He is currently enrolled in the Media Studies/Journalism major at Mercy while pursuing his dream of being a sports analyst/journalist. His love of sports led to him be a writer today. In his spare time, Gino is a fan of watching watch movies and travel.