AiNet Sponsors ShMooCon 2017 Cybersecurity Conference

AiNET, a leader in highly-secure cloud and data center solutions, served as a platinum sponsor of ShmooCon 2017, the annual conference hosted by The Shmoo Group, held on January 13-15 in Washington, D.C. for the 11th straight year.

“We love to be part of the conversation taking place around cybersecurity here in Washington, D.C.,” Perry Fisher, Senior Vice-President at AiNET said in a statement. “[Last year] was a record-breaking year for cyberattacks; we participate in events like Shmoo to keep our fingers on the pulse of the industry, to learn and to share our own experiences. The end goal is a world that is safer for everyone, and particularly one that is safer for AiNET clients.”

The Shmoo Group is an independent, non-profit think-tank comprised of leading security professionals from around the world who donate their efforts to information security research and development. ShmooCon attendance is limited so that the world-class information security professionals who attend can share insights and ideas on critical information security and information assurance challenges in a setting conducive to thoughtful discussion. This is why the conference is often called “HallwayCon.”

The collaborative efforts of Shmoo Group members, extends into some of the world’s most widely used information security (INFOSEC) software and Cybersecurity focused publications.

Through its sponsorship and participation in events such as ShmooCon, AiNET ensures that its customers remain on the cutting edge of Information Security and Information Assurance. “The landscape of cyber threats for business, government and individuals is always changing,” said Deepak Jain, president of AiNET. “We sponsor groups like Shmoo because we know the hard-work that these cyber professionals do. We want to support them in their mission of making a safer information security world.”

AiNET’s expertise in secure operations extends to physical security in its data centers. Managing DCID 6/9 and ICD 705 requirements, STC (Sound Transmission Class) specifications, Electronic Emissions (TEMPEST) and physical security standards, AiNET is a leader in the design and construction of data centers for Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF) use.

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