3D Models Vital in Real Estate Amid Pandemic

The pandemic caused an increase in demand for virtual tours and 3D digital models for brokers in New York City.

3D virtual tours help brokers show properties from a distance and determine which customers have a serious interest. 3D digital models of physical spaces and objects are also a useful tool to help people get a better sense of the property.

Matterport is a 3D spatial company that creates digital maps of rooms and common spaces in structures.

“When the pandemic hit, our workload quadrupled overnight,” said Dan Fellars, enterprise sales director for Matterport. 

The company now has a data set of the internal spaces of over four million built structures. 

“We’re analyzing what the spaces have in common and what’s unique about them,” said Fellars.

One way a buyer can see the features that a group of properties shares is with “Mattertags,” pop-up posts that provide information about technology like a sub-zero refrigerator or an iPad control panel. 

Richard Dun, an associate broker at American Homes Group in Staten Island, said Matterport further benefits brokers because it simplifies “tidying” a property. 

“The time savings (help us) clean and enforce social distancing measures between showings,” said Dun. 

Dun also said the highest interest is in suburban properties. 

“People realized if they want to continue working from home, they need more space. They’re looking for backyards and access to parks,” said Dun.

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Photo: Interior of a residential property taken with a Matterport camera. Credit: Richard Dun.